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[ad_1] Where did my wart come from?

Warts start with a scratch on your skin, when the surface of the skin breaks, a virus enters, and your body responds by growing an extra thick layer of skin that forms the wart.
Warts look bad and can cause discomfort, especially in part of your body that moves and come into contact with clothing or objects frequently like your hands (common warts) or the soles of your feet (plantar warts)
Warts are undesirable not only due to the unsightly appearance and discomfort, but also because it is contagious and can spread to other parts of your body, or even to other people

Why is the SOZGE Wart Remover Pad effective for me?

The SOZGE Wart Remover Pad does THREE things immediately when you put it on:
1. The wart remover pad surrounds your wart growth with a soft cushion, relieving pressure and friction and thus irritation from your wart
2. The wart remover pad covers up the wart fully, effectively quarantining it from the rest of your body and others, so that it will not spread to other parts of your body or others
3. The natural herbal formula immediately starts to destroy the wart tissue so that it can be permanently removed from your body through constant use

How do I use the SOZGE Wart Remover Pad correctly?

1. Before using this medicine, steep foot with hot water for ten minutes, then dry your feet. Stick on the product on the affected area.
2. After some hours until the wart becomes white, take off the product. Still, steep your feet with hot water for ten minutes. Or after you shower, use the sharp knife or scissor (must be clean and sanitized) to remove the white softened layer on your feet.
3. After you remove the white softened layer on your feet, if you feel too much pain, stop using the medicine for 2 days or 3 days, and then use a new wart remover pad patch on it.
4. Repeat procedure every 48 hours as needed (until wart is removed). Precautions: your skin

KILL AND REMOVE WARTS – Our wart removal pads provides more than temporary relief of irritation, but its oriental herbal formula targets wart tissue and kills the unwanted growth with natural based ingredients
SAFE AND PAINFREE – Since the SOZGE Wart Remover Pad formula is herbal based, it removes the stubborn wart tissue safely without dangerous chemical burn or freezing. The natural properties of the ingredients targets the wart tissue for a permanent removal
FAST ACTING – The SOZGE Wart Remover Pad works immediately the moment you put it on, starting to destroy the wart tissue quickly and effectively


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