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[ad_1] Premium High Efficacy Wart Remover Pads, Highly Potent Wart Removal treatment, 42 Pads

Our premium Wart Remover Pads contains a medicated patch with a highly effective salicylic acid 40% custom formula designed in our laboratories. This patch will cover the wart until its removal (up to 30 days). The removal of the wart will hopefully remove or subdue the pain. One easy step is needed to securely position the medicated patch over the wart and the skin. The pads are made of cushions that will allow the product to sit all day comfortably long atop the skin inside the socks or the shoes without bunching, sliding, or falling off.

Wart Remover Pads Product Features
1. The advanced Wart Remover Pads contain our highly potent salicylic acid 40% potent formula.
2. The wart pads contain a medicated patch that reduces pain and pressure.
3. The product contains naturally sourced ingredients that are non-toxic and harmless.
4. The pad sits comfortably inside the sock or shoe.
5. 42 pads inside the package.

Wart Remover Pads Product Directions
1. Wash the affected area. Dry thoroughly.
2. Cut the medicated patch to fit the wart (if needed).
3. Securely position the medicated patch over the wart for it to stick to the skin. If correctly done, the adhesive pad will stick to the skin.
4. Repeat daily until the removal of the wart(up to 14 days).
5. You may soak the wart in warm water for 5 minutes to assist the removal.

Wart Remover Pads Use
1. For the removal of warts
2. To relieve pain by removing the warts

Wart Remover Pads Package list
1 box/ 42 wart remover pads

Safe and Easy to Use Wart Removal Treatment — The wart remover is an “adhesive bandage” style pad with a medicated patch in the middle to cover the wart. The pads are safe and easy to use.
One-step Pads — Securely position the medicated round patch of the adhesive pad over the wart. In normal conditions, the wart remover pad will stick to the skin.
Comfortable — The wart remover pad possesses soft cushions to permit the pad to remain in your socks or shoes all day long without bunching, sliding, or falling off.
42 Count Wart Remover Pads — The wart remover package contains 42 pads for all your needs.


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