I found out today that working out on regular basis could help lower your heart rate so I checked my data out of curiosity and look at this!!!!

June’s data was when I got my Apple Watch, I was around 191lbs and I was barely working out.September’s data is after three months of working out 2 to 3 times a week (cardio) and I currently weight 171 pounds. They were both measured at the same time of the day and at rest.

No wonder I’m not out of breath anymore!

I posted a few days ago on this sub complaining about my progress, saying that I wanted to give up but I am not freaking giving up. The scale might not show me what I want to see but my body and my clothes are telling me that change is happening. When I started this journey, my main goal was to “become a skinny bitch”. That’s what I told my friends hahahah but now… I changed my mind. My goal is to become healthy, to get my BMI back in the healthy range and allow my body to carry me through this amazing life I’m building for myself. Thank you to all the people who took time to write down a comment under my post. You guys gave me so much strenght to continue this journey. Struggling with major anxiety can make our weight loss journey really hard but we’re not gonna let it stop us.

Now I know progress is not only determined by the scale.It’s also determined by your mind, your body, your heart and so much more.

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