I 27M didn't start my weight loss journey until January of this year. However these two pictures are exactly 1 year apart. SW 345 CW 245. My face is much less round and my mom says I look way happier and I'm inclined to agree.

I'm not done but sub 100 pounds was one of my milestones and I was so excited to share. Thanks to everyone in this community for providing inspiration and support when I needed it.

I did a combination of CICO and IF to achieve my results. Began going to the gym and started seeing muscle definition as well but the gyms closed and kind of put a damper on that. Have been doing home workouts and since my knees were no longer hurting I also started taking up jogging/running and hiking. Want to get a bicycle so I can start incorporating that into my routine by using it for daily commuting.

As promised here's a comparison pic https://imgur.com/cUOIPlu

Thank you to all the wonderful people here.

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