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r/loseit – NSV – Bought a New Dress and Loving The Way I Look In It

Today I am going to a friends wedding, and since I’ve lost weight I decided to buy a new dress. This is something I haven’t done in a while.

For the first time in a long time, i wasn’t dreading trying things on. Things fit so much better than they used to. I wasn’t thinking that the sales lady helping me was judging me. I can’t explain how much more enjoyable it is to go shopping.

I have a long ways to go in terms of my weight loss but I am really proud of how I look in this dress. Beginning in March I started incorporating way more ab and oblique workouts and it has been a game changer in terms of how I look in clothing. Chloe ting and other YouTube workouts were so helpful and motivating. I’ve been doing one 20 minute video every day (almost) and I feel so much stronger and healthier. This is the first time I’ve really noticed how much it has done for my figure! This dress even has an open back and I’m confident in how my back will look! I’ve been doing more upper body workouts than I’ve ever done in my life, and I think I can credit the way my back looks in this dress to push ups, planks, spider mans, and more! I know it usually goes that you notice the changes in yourself first, then others will follow, but it’s been totally the opposite for me. I’m so proud that my consistent strength exercises have had such a great effect on the way i look in clothes. The change in mindset of losing weight but ALSO getting stronger has been so healthy and life changing for me.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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