Over the past month I’ve been trying to keep my calories under 2000 every day and do some exersize – cardio or weights – each day. The weight from my scales is below:

30th Jul – 93.6kg (206.35 lbs)

6th Aug – 94.1kg

7th Aug – 92.1kg

10 Aug – 93.7kg

12th Aug – 92.4kg

15th Aug – 93.4kg

21st Aug – 91.1kg

29th Aug – 90.8kg (200.18 lbs)

I’m about six foot give or take, dependent if I’m slouching.

Is this a good drop in weight? Or is it just normal?

I’m happy either way, if it’s not a drop in weight I can give up and eat a cheese cake. If it is a good drop in weight that great too and I’ll have a sugar free 7-up.

My week’s exersize has been like this:

Mon, Wed, Fri – Back/Biceps, Chest/Triceps, Legs/Half arsed sit-ups

Tues, Thurs, Sat – c25k (now on Week 5)

Sunday – Lovely little walk around the park.

I do feel great with all the running.

My food has been just eating dinner each day with no breakfast or lunch. If I want a snack in the day it’s fruit, or ricecakes, or a tiny square of dark chocolate. Switched to black coffee. Dessert is that low calorie ice cream or yogurt.

My question is – should I keep it up?

https://imgur.com/7rphDJB – C25K progress

https://imgur.com/k1b6qPH – weight start

https://imgur.com/CwDBPrs – current weight

https://imgur.com/E4b8di7 – August activity

https://imgur.com/sNQOPs6 – July activity for comparison

Thanks for reading and your help! I’m a bit of a lurker but you’re all lovely.


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