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r/loseit – Hit onederland today!! -34.4lbs (15.5kg) and -7.5% body fat in the last 5 months, haven’t been below the 200s since early 2018!

24F, SW: 233.2 CW: 198.8 GW: 165


Started my weight loss journey in May this year after tipping over 230lbs, my heaviest weight ever. After getting out of a toxic relationship and diving into therapy I was able to make and stick to subtle changes following CICO and not eating after 7pm.

In July I did some blood testing and learned I have PCOS, high testosterone and insulin resistance. Started keto July 6th as my Dr recommended it to help with the hormone imbalance. In August I got more serious about sticking to 16:8 IF plan with the occasional OMAD. I’m going to start incorporating 24-36hr fasts to help with loose skin.

The weight loss has been steady, but last night I tried on my work clothes that I could barely fit into back in January and they were all so loose!! I’m finally able to wear the cute clothes that I’ve had sitting in my closet forever since I never felt comfortable in them.

I’m so proud as I’ve been overweight my whole life and it finally dawned on me that I do have weight in my control. It might take some time to get to my ultimate goal weight, but it took me years to get to my highest so I’m good with sticking to this and seeing just how far I can go.

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