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r/loseit – Face gains after losing 15 lbs – small victories!

Left is before and right is after. Sorry if these aren’t the best comparison pictures – When I was heavier I would never take face forward pictures into my camera because of the shame I felt about being.. overweight.

In the winter of 2019 I put on a ton of weight due to not exercising enough and also dealing with depression and anxiety. Then the extra weight just pushed me further into unhealthy eating habits, and then the pandemic hit so it all snowballed into me being at my heaviest ever.

About four months ago I started CICO and at first it was hard to stick to the 1200 cal limit, but even though I slipped a bit at times I was able to stick to it. In the last month I was also able to add intermittent fasting to it. This has really helped me lose the first 15 lbs and bring some discipline into my eating habits. Additionally, I started playing tennis more earnestly again because I used to quite a bit before I stopped (again, because of mental health issues).

I know 15 lbs isn’t a lot and my goal is to lose another 15 more, but being able to see small changes in my body and in my face really encourages me to keep persevering. I’ve had bad eating days (3000 calories in a day one time!) but I read something here that motivates me (and I am paraphrasing) – you can’t give up your entire diet just because you had one bad day or one bad week even.

Hope all the other amazing and perseverant people on this sub are having a great weekend!

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