Hi everyone Long time lurker, but never thought I’d be the one to make a post like this

My heaviest was in high school at 252 pounds

I’m sure everyone can relate, I was the fat kid in the group. Tried countless times to lose weight Lowest I ever got was 220ish sometime in high school but gained it back after giving in to the urge of fast foods

Fast forward a few years my weight fluctuated, I didn’t eat out as often but didn’t exercise, so my weight fluctuated often

I would hang around 230-240 pounds

May 19 2019 I decided to give it another shot. 236 pounds. I was 25 and wasn’t getting any younger, so I went all in

1300 calories or less a day 2 miles a day 6 days a week And chest/leg/ab workouts 5 days a week

Since covid came around my work shifted to remote so I’m not as exposed to fast foods, so it was really perfect timing

Anyway as of August 31st I’m 200 pounds flat.

It’s super weird, I get complements on zoom calls lol One of my students out of nowhere tells me their wife thinks I’m handsome A girl I hadn’t spoken too in a long time stopped by my house to catch up and told me that I’m “hot” now My friends are starting to diet and exercise as well and asking me for tips

Me, the fat kid lol

It’s an amazing feeling but I am definitely not used to getting complements lol

Goal weight is 180 so I still got some way to go, will make another post when I get there.

Thank you all for your support, reading everyone’s success stories played a huge part in all this. Thank you thank you thank you.

Pictures below:

weight loss pix

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