7 Days Pill Dispenser Organizer with Reminder Alarm – CozyCabin Portable Travel Vitamins Medicine Box Case(Rainbow)


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Product Description

weekly pill box with alarmweekly pill box with alarm

pill box weekpill box week

pill box alarmpill box alarm

7 Compartments with Large Capacity

12/24 Hour Format Real Clock

4 Alarms Setting Mode



Overall Size:6.7” L x 2.8” W

Overall Product Weight:0.26 lb

Material :BPA-Free PP

The reminder allows user lo set any liming as a reminder to take medicine with a maximum of B reminders.Music alarm will ring at each reminder timing,reminding the user lo take medicine on time.

travel pill box

travel pill box

7 day pill box

7 day pill box

vitamin pill case

vitamin pill case

pill cases organizers alarm

pill cases organizers alarm

Key Bottom Function

Press “S” bottomfor 3seconds to turn on, press three keys at the same time to turn off. Press “S” and the digits on the LCD will flashPress “H” bottom to set hour and “M” to set minute.Press “S” to confirm setting

Time Setting

When the alarm power on, the default time setting interface is displayed. The clock pattern in the upper right corner flashes, and the pattern can be set when the pattern flashes.Press “H” bottom to set hour and “M” to set minute.Press “S” to confirm settingIf you need to reset the clock, press “S” continuously. When the clock pattern on the upper right corner flashes, you can reset the time.Press “S” to choose the format from 12/24 hour.

Alarm Setting

Press the “S” key continuously to select the pattern corresponding to the alarm clock in groups 1-4.Select one of the alarm clocks to be set in the lower row, and set the time while the pattern is flashing.Press the “H” key to set the hour, press the “M” key to set the minute, and press the “S” key to confirm the set time. The corresponding alarm is set successfully.You can set up to 4 alarm mode.

Alarm Cancel

Automatically turn on after installing the batteryPress any bottom to stop it after lhe music alarm rings.Otherwise, the alarm will keep ringing until cither of the bultons is pressed.Press the “S” to select the alarm group to be canceled, and press the “H” and “M” keys at the same time to cancel the alarm.If the timing setting fails, remove the battery for 15 minutes, then install it in the medicine box and set it again.

pill case for pursepill case for purse

Portable Pills Reminder

CozyCabin Battery-Operated Multi-Alarm Pills Reminder 6.7″ x 2.8″ Medicine Organizer with Digital Reminder, comes with 7 compartments for pills with 4 alarm setting modes. The medication reminder helps people who are under long-lerm medication to take medicine as prescribed, keep your medicine safe and bring a more healthy lifestyle.

7 COMPARTMENTS – This weekly pill reminder comes with push button that indicate the day of the week with letter.Can be used separately according to the need to split the small pill box, can also be the medication timer removed with only the pill box.(size of each compartment: 1.3″x1.18″x0.98″)
SEALING BUCKLE – Independent storage can prevent the odor of the tablets, realize moisture-proof and dust-proof. Not easy to pop off. The lid can be lightly opened by the buckle, the elderly and arthritis patients can easily open.
BPA FREE – Made of food grade PP material, with CE, RoHS, FDA certification, friendly to environment. Safe for daily pills and vitamins use.
EASY TO CARRY – Tetris shape design with large capacity, pill capsules can be easily loaded. A hanging hole is designed under the box to hang lanyards and carabiner, convenient for travel and take out.


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