Though Stay-at-Home measures have generated no small amount of controversy, Minnesotans seem to agree that they’re a good idea.

That’s according to a new joint poll from the Star Tribune, MPR and KARE 11, which was released this weekend. 

Pollsters interviewed 800 registered voters in Minnesota, talking to people of various demographics, political affiliations and regions — with respondents in the Twin Cities, northern and southern Minnesota.

They were asked whether they thought coronavirus restrictions in their area go “too far, haven’t gone far enough, or were about right.”

57 percent indicated the restrictions were “about right,” while 32 percent said they went “too far.”

The answers to another key question were split along similar lines. When asked whether Stay-at-Home measures have been worth the sacrifice, 59 percent fell into the “worth it” column. 

32 percent said the measures had done more harm than good. 

As MPR notes, while the belief that Stay-at-Home went too far is “more common outside the Twin Cities metro area,” the poll found a “plurality of voters in every region of the state feel the restrictions have been worth it.”

You can check out details on the results of the poll, as well as the demographics of the respondents, right here. 

The poll was conducted for the news outlets by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc.

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