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Enjoy every step you take with KEEMOVIN arch support insoles.

These 3/4 inserts are designed to provide additional support to heel and arch, removing pain and preventing serious foot disorders. These arch support insoles are perfect for people that walk a lot or stand all day.

Frequent Cause of Foot Pain:
● Standing / walking for a long time
● Tough exercise
● Work injury
● Sports injury
● Strain

How our half plantar fasciitis inserts can help:
√ Ergonomic design to provide optimal arch support
√ Semi-rigid plate in the sole, providing even further walking and arch support
√ Fit for most footwear, both for men and women
√ Proven to help reduce pain and increase comfort when walking and standing
√ Podiatrist recommend

*TIPS: Keep in mind that they are orthotics, so you will feel a bit hard and uncomfortable at first. Just keep wear, you will feel soft and comfortable after they were used for some time.

Doctor Recommends
1. Make sure to replace your inserts after 3 months of use
2. Don’t forget to keep your insoles dry by putting them in a place with high ventilation
3. Choose a soft brush or a wet cloth to clean the insoles, instead of washing them in the machine

What You Get
1 pair of 3/4 Plantar Fasciitis Inserts
1 pair of Gel Arch Support Pads (as a gift)

Get it now, you will get 7*24 Lifetime friendly service from Keemovin

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【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN】High arch support gives your foot arch a good protection and relieves pain. Metatarsal pad prevents spreading and flattening, alleviate forefoot pain. Extra cushioning pads added under insoles provide extra cushioning and shock absorption. These ultralight orthotic inserts enable you to enjoy the fun of sports and activity while sparing the comfort.
【HIGH QUALITY FABRIC】Made of genuine leather, the perforated and breathable surface of our shoe inserts absorbs perspiration and moisture. This effectively reduce the heat and friction and make your feet stay cool, dry and odor-free. An adjacent functional layer of latex foam ensures softness and provide comfort for your whole day.
【ALL DAY SUPPORT】These arch support insoles provide shock absorption and pain relief in activities throughout your day. Whether you’re walking, running or exercising, the inserts will stay put and keep your comfort level high. They are excellent for those have to stand or walk for long periods of time, since they ensure reduction of muscle fatigue in your feet and legs.
【FIT FOR MOST SHOES】These shoe insoles for women and men has a very low profile, are available for almost all types of shoes. Whether you love sport shoes, casual shoes, work shoes, dress shoes, slippers, or boots, the flat feet insoles can easily fit. Wear them in your favorite footwear and choose the size closest to your size.

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