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Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Public Health Lab report

One additional positive case of COVID-19 was confirmed today, bringing to 94 the total number of Humboldt County residents who have tested positive for the virus.

Contact investigations have determined the means of transmission for all confirmed cases. Of the 94 cases, 53 were acquired through contact with a known case, 24 were acquired through travel outside of the area and 17 were acquired through community transmission.

The Humboldt County Public Health Laboratory and all other commercial testing sources each have tested a total of 2,798 county residents for the virus.

Total new positive cases confirmed on May 25: 1

Daily COVID-19 case report for May 25

  • Total number of confirmed cases: 94
  • Total number of recovered cases: 66
  • Total number of hospitalizations: 12
  • Total number of deaths: 2

Transmission information for all known cases

  • Contact to a Known Case: 53
  • Travel-Acquired: 24
  • Community Transmission: 17
  • Under Investigation: 0

Total number of people tested by Public Health Laboratory: 2,798

Total number of people tested by all other sources: 2,798
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California Department of Public Health and commercial labs)

The Public Health Laboratory currently has a capacity of approximately 2,100 tests and can process about 65 samples a day with an approximate turnaround time of 48 to 72 hours.

For the most recent information about COVID-19, visit or For local information, visit, call 707-441-5000 or email [email protected]

Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers

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