Top White House aide Kellyanne Conway argued the media’s coverage of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus could be the reason behind his declining poll numbers.

Trump’s poll numbers regarding his administration’s response to the pandemic have gone down as the crisis has continued. In a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll that was conducted between Wednesday and Thursday and surveyed 733 people in the United States, 39% of respondents said they approve of the way Trump has dealt with the crisis, while 60% disapproved. The approval rating is a steady drop from where the same poll had him in March, 55%, and April, 44%.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked Conway about the president’s “underwater” numbers from the ABC News/Ipsos poll during an interview Friday night, which is when the adviser to the president alleged the media may be responsible.

“I don’t think anybody likes dealing with a global pandemic, and the president himself has said that the loss of life is so devastating to each and every one of us, that one precious life lost is one too many,” she said. “Having said that, let’s review what the president has done. Maybe the media don’t cover it fairly and completely, and many times, but look at what he has done, things only a president can do.”

Conway then touted Trump’s response, noting specific actions the White House did.

“We have repatriated 93,000 Americans who were abroad. We’re dealing with the other G-7 leaders to figure out how to deal with a global pandemic together. He has worked across the aisle with Democratic governors who publicly, and really, privately, have thanked his administration for surging the supplies of ventilators and masks and PPE. Every state has received billions of dollars in direct funding. Trillions of dollars have gone to distressed industries and individuals, so there’s a whole list of things that only a president can do,” Conway said.

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