Man Allegedly Lies About Having Coronavirus
… Charged with Wire Fraud

5/21/2020 2:00 PM PT

An Atlanta man allegedly used the coronavirus pandemic to get outta work … the feds say he lied about testing positive for COVID-19 and sent in a fake medical excuse letter.

Prosecutors say Santwon Antonio Davis left work back in March when he said his mother was exposed to COVID-19, and then falsely claimed he tested positive for the deadly virus.

His scheme allegedly didn’t end there … the feds say Davis even submitted a falsified letter to his Fortune 500 company, which ended up raising alarms.

Davis’ medical excuse letter looked like a fake to the feds — there were no test results included in the document and it didn’t specifically say he had been treated for, or even diagnosed with, COVID-19 — so they investigated and say they discovered he was making it all up.

Prosecutors say Davis eventually admitted he never contracted the virus … and the feds say there is no record of him ever receiving treatment for COVID-19 … he was charged with wire fraud.

The alleged ploy was pretty costly … the feds say it cost the company at least $100,000 to sanitize the entire workplace and quarantine other employees.

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