I’ll never forget the day in 2016 when I had the idea of writing for PsychCentral. It’s a vivid memory because I’d just been eternally banned from their message board! Yep, I’d been promoting my personal narcissism blog again. Bad Lenora! Naughty Lenora!

But I’ve got this disturbing streak of daring-do so I took my lady balls in both hands and emailed Dr. Grohol my idea: “PsychCentral doesn’t have a dedicated narcissism blog. I can do that!”

Bless his heart! Dr. Grohol gave an unknown, untried newbie HuffPost blogger without a psychology degree a trial period. If I made good, he’d keep me on. My vision was just to tell you stories, because real-life stories of narcissistic abuse are what helped me the most in my healing journey! And I wanted to do it with humor!

That was five years and 3.8 million site hits ago. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Grohol for giving me a chance to realize my dream of Writing about Narcissism.

Adele our Bichon


By now, because I’ve been yacking so loudly about it on my Facebook Timeline, you’ve probably heard that the PsychCentral blogs and bloggers are, I guess, going bye-bye. Something about Healthline’s vision for a new, blogless PsychCentral. Yeah, I don’t get it either. There was no warning, not even a hint. What a horrible shock last Thursday!

I wandered around the cottage dribbling tears everywhere. Grieving. Mourning. NmN has been my baby, my passion, my life for nearly five years. I’ve met so many wonderful friends through the blog. You and I joined hands in our healing journey from narcissism to normalcy. We exchanged Christmas Cards! I can’t bear to lose that. (Keep reading!)

Michael with his Enchromas

You’ve Been Wonderful

The readers of NmN have been extraordinarily kind to Michael and myself. When the chips were down, you always came through.

Two months after the blog launched, you donated so I could pay a lawyer to defend my God-given, First Amendment Right of Free Speech against my parents’ demands and threats. Then you donated so my Michael could see color for the first time with Enchroma glasses. You even emailed me your treasured family photos to be retouched. (I still offer that service! Very reasonable rates!)


Every single time I launched a new side-gig or desperate GoFundMe, you always made sure that The Thompsons were taken care of. For your kindness and generosity, Michael and I can’t thank you enough. No! We mean that! I don’t know how we would’ve managed without you. You were the answer to our fervent prayers. You taught me about faith and the kindness of strangers…who became friends. Thank you!

Michael with Adele

❤️ Michael ❤️

I would be terribly remiss in this, my final article for Narcissism Meets Normalcy, if I didn’t doff my cap to my husband, Michael Thompson. Without him, Narcissism Meets Normalcy would’ve never come into existence. Sometimes, on days when Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis makes every breath sound like Rice Krispies are snap-crackle-popping in his lungs, he wonders aloud, “Why am I here? (snap-crackle-pop) What have I been put on this planet to do? (snap-crackle-pop)”.

That’s when I tell him, “Michael! How can you even say that? Because of you, over 3 million people from every nation on Earth (give or take seven countries like North Korea) have been reached by NmN and real people delivered from narcissistic abuse. All that because you made me aware that something was wrong, something was cultish about my family. Do you realize, Michael, how many lives you’ve saved? Changed for the better!?!”

He’s not comfortable with praise so he just shrugs, but it’s true. I may be the one yackety-yacking, clackety-clacking at the keyboard, but Michael’s the one saying, “Y’know, such-and-such is a good article idea.” Or sometimes I just write about his family. They’re the gift that keeps on giving! 😉

I honestly don’t know how Michael stuck with me during those first, dark days of cult withdrawal from my family when I honestly believed that God Himself hated me. Wow, that was a bad time and the blog reflects it. I shudder at my own writing. But on my worst days, Michael always said, “I ain’t goin’ anywhere. You’ll feel better in about ten years,” as he dried my tears, listened to my stories and gave me grace when I was so angry at my family. Thank you, Michael Honey!

So, what’s next????? Well, that’s the exciting part! Cause, Baby, you’re stuck with me. I ain’t goin’ anywhere!

Beyond Narcs…Get Happy!

May I introduce you to my new, happier blog:

Beyond Narcissism…and Getting HAPPIER All the Time

As I wrote in the blog introduction:

[Today]…I woke up excited. Yes, actually excited! NmN started out very gritty, dark and hurt in 2016. Lots of anger. You (and Michael!) stuck with me through those gloomy, ugly days and now I want to write a happier blog for all of us.

Yes, we’ll still talk about narcissism but from a solid place of understanding and healing…maybe even forgiveness!?! Best of all, we’ll look for the happiness in life. Like Auntie Mame says, “Life is a banquet and most poor SOBs are starving to death.”
We don’t want to be like that.
We want to do that Thoreau thing
and suck all the marrow and goodness out of life.

Beyond Narcs…Get Happy will be our next step as we continue to walk, hand-in-hand, along the journey of healing. It’ll be happier journey with lots of humor. But I can’t do it without you! Narcissism Meets Normalcy paid for our groceries, pet food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc. Gone! Bye-bye! Kaput! Michael’s SSDI paid our bills; my paycheck covered the rest. It wouldn’t be so bad if our stimulus checks hadn’t been stolen. So we’ve been having conversations like, “How can we make legumes palatable?”. And you all know how much I hate legumes! You may be sure that I’ll stretch your donations as no donations have ever been stretched before. I won’t just squeeze the nickel until the buffalo poops. I’ll squeeze the nickel until the buffalo screams! LOL

Until I find another writing gig (Hire me? Anyone!?!),  Beyond Narcs…Get Happy is 100% reader supported. Freewill donations through GoFundMe. A big thanks to my faithful readers and friends, Nancy Haynes, Patricia Kerigan and Lydia Clarkson, for already donating! Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Ladies!


Let Us Not Wave Goodbye

In 1783 when General George Washington bid adieu to the officers of the Continental Army, he spoke the words that are in my heart now for you…minus the “taking leave” part.

With a heart full of love and gratitude I now take leave of you.
I most devoutly wish that your latter days may be
as prosperous and happy as your former ones
have been glorious and honorable.
I cannot come to each of you but shall feel obliged
if each of you will come and take me by the hand.

Take me by the hand by clicking here to become a subscriber to Beyond Narcs…Get Happy, especially if you rely on PsychCentral’s RSS feed for your NmN “fix.” Re-subscribe now for a seamless transition.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Yes! We’ve finally joined the 21st century and no, we still don’t have smartphones!

It’s been my great honor and high privilege to write Narcissism Meets Normalcy for you. Thank you for your trust and taking the time to read my stuff. Best five years of my life!

God bless you all. Don’t be strangers!

With Love,

Michael, Lenora, Adele (bichon), Cleo (doxiepoo), Snuggles-n-Cuddles
August 24th, 2020, Somewhere in Northern Minnesota
[email protected]


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