Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t stop in a pandemic

Q&A: Tim McCormick, Biogen’s head of MS for Europe, Canada and partner markets, on managing MS in times of crisis

Poll of Polls: One year after the European election

What if the European Parliament election was held today?

Mogherini approved as College of Europe rector

Former EU policy chief’s candidacy had attracted criticism.

British public wants Dominic Cummings to resign, poll says

71 percent of Brits think Boris Johnson’s top aide broke lockdown rules.

UK minister resigns over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trip

Junior minister Douglas Ross said he could not tell constituents the adviser’s actions were justifiable.

Earning investors’ trust amid market uncertainty

Global survey results from investment management association CFA Institute

The unequal epidemic

In wealthy Western countries, COVID-19 is killing people of color at much higher rates.

Coronavirus: Local leaders in a global crisis

POLITICO talks to mayors across Europe as communities endure deaths, lockdowns and job losses.

Driving blind: Cummings comes full circle

The architect of Brexit has become an unelected bureaucrat who refuses to give up control.

Dominic Cummings is sorry (not sorry)

Boris Johnson’s top aide says he disagrees with those who believe he broke UK lockdown rules.

Europe’s elite skewered for lockdown double standards

UK government aide Dominic Cummings is not the only one feeling the heat for alleged lockdown indiscretions.

Furious backlash after Boris Johnson defends aide’s lockdown journey

Tory MPs say they have received a wave of anger from constituents over Dominic Cummings’ actions.

How Merkel caved to Macron

Redistribution will not cure Europe’s ailments.

Walking the Wall: A lockdown tour of Berlin boundaries

One form of social distancing reveals another.

Boris Johnson bets big on top aide Cummings

UK prime minister says Dominic Cummings ‘acted responsibly’ despite alleged lockdown breaches.

Austrian president apologizes after breaking coronavirus curfew

Alexander Van der Bellen and his wife were found by police at a restaurant after cutoff time.

Johnson’s backing for aide risks lockdown credibility, say Tory MPs

Some British Conservatives call for Dominic Cummings to resign over apparent breaches of lockdown rules.

Report: US ambassador to Germany to step down

Richard Grenell will not return from Washington after an interim job as head of US intelligence.

How Russia’s coronavirus crisis got so bad

Mistrust, a disorganized response and a president who thought his spring would be a coronation. What could possibly go wrong?

Boris Johnson defends top adviser over lockdown journey

Labour Party has demanded an ‘urgent inquiry’ into Dominic Cummings’ 400-kilometer trip.

‘Frugal four’ propose ‘loans for loans’ approach to coronavirus recovery fund

The EU’s so-called frugal four — Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden — are pushing for a “loans for loans” approach for the bloc’s coronavirus recovery fund, …

World’s cartoonists on this week’s events

Drawing the top stories around the globe.

Police investigated Dominic Cummings about lockdown breach: report

Boris Johnson’s chief adviser accused of traveling from London to Durham despite having COVID-19 symptoms.

Europeans ‘regret’ US plan to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty

Pushing back against Washington, 10 countries say pact ‘remains functional and useful.’

France sets date for second round of local elections

‘After weighing the pros and cons, we think that democratic life too should resume,’ says PM.

This isn’t Europe’s ‘Hamilton’ moment

The much-hallooed Franco-German proposal is not a step toward a fiscal union.

Trump seizes a new cudgel to bash China: Taiwan

But even the Trump administration is willing to upgrade ties only so far, fearing Beijing’s wrath.

China flexes its trade muscles

Beijing’s pressure on Australia is a warning for European exporters.

If you have no sense of taste, lock yourself away immediately

Smell can play an important role in politics.

British Council faces financial ruin due to coronavirus

Cultural and diplomatic institution depends on government cash injection to survive.

Juncker: EU internal border closures ‘nonsense’

Former Commission president describes it as ‘an arbitrary decision.’

In pictures: NHS workers fighting to keep a COVID-19 ward safe

So many of the doctors, nurses, cleaners and other key workers at London’s Whipps Cross hospital hail from far beyond the UK’s shores.

White House weighs shorter extension of nuclear arms pact with Russia

The option is part of a strategy that would also seek a broader agreement with Moscow that possibly includes China.

Most Americans say Germans tackled coronavirus better than US: report

While 66 percent said Berlin responded well to pandemic, 47 percent said the same of Washington.

The reason Donald Trump will take a pill but not advice

He has often paid the price for ignoring experts. But he can also turn it into personal victories.

Italian PM: Franco-German recovery deal is not enough

Proposed coronavirus fund is an important step, but more coordinated action is needed.

Italy’s beaches face coronavirus chill

In a country where a summer holiday is almost a constitutional right, seaside businesses struggle to reopen after lockdown.

Lockdown politics just got hairy

Months into lockdown, people are getting desperate to cut loose.

EU top court clashes with Parliament over use of chauffeurs

Parliament warns of ‘high reputational and ethical risks’ for Court of Justice of the EU.

Merkel’s milestone moment

German chancellor writes herself into EU history by embracing common borrowing and European solidarity.

Polls show Europeans losing patience with governments

Leaders benefitted from a surge of support earlier in the crisis, but that is now starting to ebb away.

The world’s dirty money by the numbers

Regulations are in place — but 99 percent of criminal proceeds still escape control in the EU.

The leader of Belarus is using the coronavirus crisis to troll Putin

Strongman’s country has emerged as the Sweden of the post-communist world.

Ischinger: German-French recovery plan could transform EU and seal Merkel’s legacy

Chairman of Munich Security Conference urges capitalizing on pandemic to make historic changes.

Don’t save the economy. Change the economy.

In our post-pandemic future, consumption and production will have to be compatible with social distancing.

Macron loses absolute majority in parliament

The president’s La République en Marche group has lost 26 members in parliament since he was elected.

Fewer Germans prioritize relationship with US over China: report

Neither Germans nor Americans consider each other their most important foreign policy partners.

Trump projects a sense of normal, but West Wing has a ways to go

The White House is struggling to keep its leaders and staffers safe while pushing for the reopening of America.

By the numbers: Europe on the move again

Data from route-finding apps suggests that people started moving around more even before lockdown rules were lifted in many places.

Hungary’s rule by decree could end in June, PM’s chief of staff says

But if the number of coronavirus cases ‘starts to radically increase,’ the current order could continue.

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