Officials with Kerr County, the city of Kerrville and Peterson Health announced four new cases of coronavirus in the county on Wednesday.

This is five cases in three days for the area, including a man in Kerrville who is quarantined with his family of six. Kerr County said the 12th case was tested in Bexar County and is self-isolating at home. This case was believed to be related to travel outside of the county. 

Cases 13, 14 and 15 were tested at the Franklin Clinic in Kerrville, according to city of Kerrville spokesman Stuart Cunyus. 

“It’s undetermined if they are community or traveled related  at this time,” Cunyus wrote in a email. “One is isolating in the city, and two are isolating in Kerr County.”

In an email from the county, Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas urged residents to not become complacent now, even though things are seemingly getting back to normal with the reopening of some businesses. 

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