While some counties in California are opening back up in some capacity next week, the Shelter-in-Place Order issued by the Alameda County Health Care Agency on May 18 will remain in effect until further notice.  A new announcement today by the Agency noted that Alameda County currently has the highest rate of case increases in the Bay Area alongside a large increase in hospitalized cases. 

In order to lift restrictions, the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations needs to remain low “to protect our health care system and workforce and others at high risk, and continue our efforts with expanded testing, contact tracing, and ensuring people can isolate and quarantine safely.”

The statement also noted again that the virus is highly contagious and has a two- to three-week incubation period. They will “continue to monitor the COVID-19 indicators with each change in Health Officer Orders to decide on next steps.”

The following types of activities are permitted under the current Order: essential businesses; outdoor businesses and activities; curbside and delivery retail; and outdoor vehicle-based gatherings.  Activities that pose a higher risk, such as salons, gyms, bars, and museums will be evaluated and considered at a later date.

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