have a positive effect in fighting off the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Scientists at the University of Lethbridge say that some cannabis plants had high enough amounts of active CBD that altered the ACE2 pathways, which is what the virus uses to infiltrate the human body.

Although additional research must be done and the study still hasn’t been peer reviewed, the research gives hope that the enzyme may be able to decrease disease susceptibility.

Products such as mouthwash made out of CBD could be utilized to limit the access the virus has to the body.

Scientists warn that not every type of cannabis is successful at combatting the coronavirus. All strains that were effective were high in the anti-inflammatory CBD and were low in levels of THC, which causes the usual weed high.

The study was a joint effort with Swysh Inc., a cannabinoid-based research company and Pathway Rx, a company for cannabis research.

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