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What Does A Bunion Splint Do?

Bunion splints can provide a few different points of relief and correction. Splints can:
Correct Toe Deformity. Bunion splints will help push or pull your big toe into proper alignment. This should help resolve some of the stiffness and pain that can develop in your foot joints as a result of your toe’s poor positioning. Add Padding Over Bunion. The vast majority of bunion splints also provide a padding or cushion that can be positioned over your bunion. This prevents the raised surface of the bunion from brushing against your shoe, stopping calluses.

Bunion Sleeve.
It covers the top and bottom of the foot and separates the big toe while also providing padding for your feet. It¡¯s designed specifically for sports or hiking.

Toe Separator.
This toe separator is designed to separate two toes that cross over one another or are too close together. It can be worn barefoot or with shoes.

Big Toe Strap.
Slide it around your big toe, stretches the two toes to opposite directions. Begin use them for 10-15 minutes a day and gradually add the fruquency.

Day or Night Use:

The bunion splints are designed to be worn while you sleep, while the Toe Separators and Sleeves are for use during the day, they can fit under socks and can be worn during sporting activities and exercise. The bunion sleeves may be a bit bulky to wear under tight-fitting shoes, but for most sneakers and average footwear it should be fine.

BUNION SPLINT WORKS WELL FOR NIGHTTIME USE. Made from medical-grade materials. Fully adjustable. Built-in metal plate for supportive correction and toe alignment.
OUR GEL BUNION SLEEVES ARE DESIGNED TO REDUCE PAIN and be used both before and after surgery, in the case of severe bunion issues. These bunion sleeves provide gentle gel pad cushioning and are best used underneath socks.
GEL TOE SEPARATOR CONSTRUCTED OF QUALITY MEDICAL GRADE GEL for Relieving Pain Associated with Bunions, Overlapping Toes, which can be worn with or without shoes.


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