Stephanie Sy:

For weeks, states have taken steps toward lifting lockdowns, with mixed messages coming from federal authorities.

After much delay, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has quietly released a 60-page document with guidance on testing and reopening, but it generally steers clear of language on mandatory rules. It includes cleaning and social distancing recommendations for bars and restaurants, suggests staggered shifts and physical barriers to prevent contact in the workplace, and calls for limited ridership on public transportation, with required face coverings for transit workers.

Schools in areas that meet certain metrics for lower virus transmission are encouraged to space desks at least six feet apart, conduct daily temperature screenings, and serve lunch in the classroom, if they reopen. Notably left out of the CDC document, any mention of how places of worship should resume activity safely.

Overseas, another glimpse of what moves toward normalcy might look like came from South Korea, where high school students returned to class for the first time today.

But, as more countries move to loosen restrictions, in Geneva, the World Health Organization warned the pandemic continues.

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