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01/8​7 signs your mental health is in a great shape

While we often talk about mental well being and the silent signs of battling mental health conditions in detail, there is not a lot of awareness about what sound mental health feels like. Yes, having good mental health is much more than the absence of diagnosable mental health problems.

Hence, in addition to being aware of your mental health triggers (and signs that you need to take care of yourself), you must also learn to pat you back when you are taking care of your mental health actively. We list down certain signs to recognize that you are in a good mental space right now and you should keep doing whatever you are doing.


02/8​You talk about what is bothering you

Yes, instead of bottling up your emotions and ruminating for hours, you have begun voicing your thoughts. Talking about what is bothering or upsetting you is a healthy way of dealing with repressed emotions and signifies that you are in a good mental space.


03/8​You are eating well

When you provide your body with a host of nutrients through a well-balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, you inadvertently take care of your mental wellbeing as well. So, if you start taking care of what you are putting inside your mouth and avoid junk food and processed food items, it is definitely a green signal. To put it simply, nourishing your body will nourish your mind too!


04/8​You set your boundaries

When we set boundaries, we actually take care of our mental health by defining our needs and what others can expect from us. This way, when you don’t constantly pour your energy into others, you actually love yourself a bit more. This means you have enough time for yourself and are less angry and resentful with situations when things don’t go your way.


05/8​You are making efforts to stay in touch

One of the telltale signs that you are in a good mental space is when replying to text messages, attending calls and meeting friends and family does not seem like a huge task. So, if you no longer cancel plans last minute and actually enjoy staying in touch with your friends, it is definitely a good sign!


06/8​You indulge in self-care

Whether it is taking a long bubble bath, developing a regular sleep schedule, putting on a face mask, shaving or trimming your beard or even taking out time to watch your favourite movie, self-care may look different for different people. The gist is if you are actively taking out time to ensure that you look good and feel good, you are on the right path. Bravo!


07/8​You ask for help

This means you recognize the signals when your mental health is slipping early on and act on the same. Whether it is going to your therapist, taking a break or booking an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist, you are definitely taking the right step. Seeking help is not only limited to visiting a mental health professional, but it also means that you communicate your needs to friends and family members, when it all gets a bit too much.


08/8​You accept yourself just the way you are

When you are in a dark space mentally, it is common to pick battles with your own body and personality and criticise yourself for things that are not even in your control. On the other hand, when you feel okay, you accept yourself and appreciate your body for the little things it does for you. You feel proud of your achievements, no matter how tiny they are and also work on bettering yourself.


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