Revival’s Minneapolis location, Pizzeria Lola, and Broders’ restaurants Pasta Bar, Cucina Italiana and Terzo have each temporarily halted takeout and delivery. 

Pizzeria Lola and the Broders’ restaurants, which each reported one employee case, have said they will reopen in two weeks, in the week of June 15. Revival, which reported five employee cases, is scheduled to re-open takeout Friday after closing May 26. 

In an hour-long Instagram discussion, Revival co-owner Nick Rancone said the outbreak should serve as a warning to other restaurants.

“For other restaurateurs and business owners out there … COVID is coming. It is beating down our doors,” he said.

As the Star Tribune notes, these are the first restaurants that have openly disclosed diagnoses and plans for preventing future infection, though restaurants are not required to do so — raising the question of whether this will set a precedent for future cases. 

The owners also told newspaper that there aren’t specific rules about what to do if there is an outbreak within a restaurant, such as if they should close completely if an employee shows symptoms, and if they should publicly announce cases.

A west metro restaurant manager who didn’t wish to be identified said he was told by state health officials that it’s more a case of “when” people – including restaurant staffers – get COVID-19, rather than “if” they do.

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