While two Delaware counties reached new milestones in the number of cumulative positive cases, total recoveries jumped well beyond the 4,000 mark with a 165-case increase, public health officials announced. 

According to the Division of Public Health, Delaware’s “active” novel coronavirus COVID-19 cases increased by 20 Thursday to 3,939, and the First State had 8,386 cumulative positive COVID-19 cases on the back of 2,130 new test results, along with seven new deaths at 317, but recoveries reached 4,130. 

Those new deaths included two women and five men–all with underlying health conditions–who ranged in age from 62 to 88. Six were New Castle County residents, and one was from Sussex County. Six of the seven deaths  were in long-term care facility residents. Long-term care facilities are home to 65 percent of Delaware’s COVID-19 deaths while 89 percent are in persons with underlying health conditions.

New cumulative totals by county broke down to a 120-case rise in New Castle to 3,053, a 28-case rise in Kent to 1,281, and a 46-case rise in Sussex to 4,006. There were 31 cases with an unknown county of origin. 

Hospitalizations associated with the virus, Governor John Carney’s most important factor in tracking COVID-19 in Delaware, remained unchanged from the day prior at 220. Of those, 39 were in critical condition, a decrease of one person from the day prior.

Negative tests increased by 1,938 to 39,156. 

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